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Thursday, February 12, 2015

viśeṣa sandhyā

One step in the pratiṣthā vidhi is the viśeṣa sandhyā (sandhiḥ). This is better described as a "viśeṣa tarpaṇa" in the prayoga candrikā. Interestingly, tarpaṇa is not offered with the word "tarpayāmi". Instead, it is offered with svāhā, namaḥ, vaṣaṭ, vauṣaṭ and svadhā ... as noted below. The following tarpaṇas are part of the sandhyā.
  • samhitā mantra tarpaṇam (svāhā 'ntam)
  • vidyeśvara mantra tarpaṇam (svāhā 'ntam)
  • tattvādhipa mantra tarpaṇam (svāhā 'ntam)
  • deva gaṇa tarpaṇam (svāhā 'ntam)
  • ṛṣi tarpaṇam (namo 'ntam)
  • manuṣya tarpaṇam (vaṣaḍ antam)
  • pañca bhūta tarpaṇam (vaūṣaḍ antam)
  • deva pitṛ tarpaṇam (svadhā 'ntam)
  • viśeṣa pitṛ tarpaṇam (svadhā 'ntam)
  • sva pitṛ tarpaṇam (svadhā 'ntam)
Interesting links:
  • link ] partial youtube video of this kriyā from a kumbhābhiṣeka
  • [ linkviśeṣa tarpaṇa vidhiḥ from the prayoga candrikā (grantha script)

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