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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

mahākumbhābhiṣeka rituals

Here are some short notes on the kumbhābhiṣeka, published by the "Kovil Montagne (Siva Subramanya Temple, Q-Bornes)"
  • [ Part 1 ] vinākaya pūjā, puṇyāhavācanam, gaṇapati homaḥ, anujñā saṅkalpaḥ
  • [ Part 2 ] vāstu śāntiḥ, navagraha homaḥ, praveśa baliḥ
  • [ Part 3 ] mṛt saṁgrahaṇam, aṅkurārpaṇam, rakṣābandhanam, kumbhasthāpanam, yāgārambhaḥ, dīpasthāpanam, kalaśasthāpanam, aṣṭabandhanam

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