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Monday, February 16, 2015

a verse in vasantatilaka

शैवागमोक्त-गुरुवर्य-कृता प्रतिष्ठा
तद्वंशजैः सुविवृता शिव-सङ्घ-पद्या ।
वेदानुचारिण इमे शिव-शक्ति-सक्ताः
धन्या वयं कलि-कुलेऽपि पवित्र-नेत्राः ॥

śaivāgamokta-guruvarya-kṛtā pratiṣṭhā
tadvaṁśajaiḥ suvivṛtā śiva-saṅgha-padyā |
vedānucāriṇa ime śiva-śakti-saktāḥ
dhanyā vayaṁ kali-kule 'pi pavitra-netrāḥ ||

In my very first composition in the vasantatilaka meter, the subject matter is the śivācāryas who officiated at a recent śiva pratiṣthā in a local temple. The pratiṣṭhā was done by those who are designated as śivācāryas in the śaivāgamas, and it is their forefathers who described and opened up the path towards śiva. In addition to being devoted to śiva and his consort śakti, these ācāryas also follow the vedas. Those of us who attended the pratīṣṭhā event are blessed, are our eyes were purified from witnessing this festive occasion, in spite of being born in the age of kali.

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