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Monday, February 9, 2015

śiva pratiṣṭhā vidhi

To better understand the overall śiva pratiṣṭhā vidhi, I've listed the majority of the book's table of contents below. I've chosen to group the entries into logical sections.

  • mṛt sangrahanam
  • praveśa baliḥ
  • rakṣoghna havanam
  • vāstu śāntiḥ
  • viśeṣa sandhyā
  • aṅkurārpaṇam
  • pratisara bandhanam
  • sūrya pūjā

  • yāga śālā nirmāṇam
  • pūrva dvāra pūjā
  • dakṣīṇa dvāra pūjā
  • paścima dvāra pūjā
  • uttara dvāra pūjā

  • kara nyāsaḥ
  • bhūta śodhanam
  • sūkṣma deha śodhanam
  • sthūla deha śodhanam
  • aṅga nyāsaḥ
  • antar yāgaḥ

  • viśeṣārhgya karaṇam
  • pañcagavya sādanam

  • yāgeśārcanā
  • vedikārcanā

  • agnikāryam
  • sthālīpākaḥ

  • jalādhivāsanam
  • nayanonmīlanam
  • snapanam
  • pradakṣīṇam
  • śayanam
  • mantra nyāsaḥ

  • dvitīyāhnikavidhiḥ
  • ādhāra śilā sthāpanam
  • śiva liṅga sthāpanam
  • vyomavyāpi pada mantrāṇi
  • aṣṭa bandhanam
  • adhva ṣaṭka nyāsaḥ
  • prāyaścittāṅga śānti homaḥ
  • diśā homaḥ
  • saṁhitā homaḥ
  • mūrti homaḥ
  • snapanāṅga mūrti homaḥ

  • sāṅga ṣaḍadhva nyāsaḥ
  • antar mātṛkā nyāsaḥ
  • bahir mātṛkā nyāsaḥ
  • tantra nyāsaḥ
  • pañcākṣara nyāsaḥ
  • haṁsa nyāsaḥ
  • bhuvana nyāsaḥ
  • pañcāvaraṇa nyāsaḥ

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