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Thursday, February 26, 2015

perfect circumstances

In a recent thread, an āstika was commenting on the dire straits in which many of the vedic traditions find themselves. In order to revive them, he was looking for utterly ideal circumstances to be provided by those in places of authority. He wanted "crown wearing" sannyāsis to take care of his every want. I found the situation comical --

चण्डे मरौ श्रुतितरुं समुपेत्य सन्धौ
सन्ध्याजलं कुत अहो विसृजामि सोऽहम् ।
संन्यस्तराजमुकुटं हि समर्थपात्रम् ॥

Having approached the vedic-tree which is in a crisis state in terrifying desert conditions, he wonders -- "Where should I release my sandhyā waters? The only vessel fit to receive the waters that contain my mantra śakti is a royal crown laid down before me". The words sandhau, so'ham and sannyāsa all have a secondary meaning as well.

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