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Friday, February 27, 2015

Molai Forest


"Almost three decades ago, a teenager, after noticing the deaths of a large number of reptiles due to a lack of a tree cover, started planting Bamboo in an area that had been washed away by floods. Today, that same land hosts 1,360 acres of Jungle called Molai Forest, named after Jadav “Molai” Payeng, the man who made this possible single handedly!"

"That forest is now home to Bengal tigers, Indian rhinoceros, over 100 deer and rabbits besides apes and several varieties of birds, including a large number of vultures. There are several thousand trees. Bamboo covers an area of over 300 hectares. A herd of around 100 elephants regularly visits the forest every year and generally stays for around six months. They have given birth to 10 calves in the forest in recent years."

उन्निद्रवारिनिधिजृम्भपरिप्लुता सा
वन्ध्येव पुष्परहिता समभूरनन्ता ।
व्याघ्रादिजन्तुगणपोषयुतान्नपूर्णा ॥

When the ocean expanded and yawned, it overflowed onto the land and rendered her barren for an infinite stretch. Then, by a life's work of painstakingly planting seed after seed, mother annapūrṇā has once again become the nourishing haunt of tigers and other herds.

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