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Monday, February 9, 2015

kriyā krama dyotikā

After observing a recent temple pratiṣthā performed by śaiva āgama priests (śivācāryas), I came across aghora śivācārya's "kriyā krama dyotikā". This is a multi-volume set of śaiva āgama prayoga books published in the grantha script in the 1960s. The incomplete book set that I came across can be divided into three logical parts.
  1. gṛhya prayoga -- nityāhnikaḥ, pūrva prayogaḥ, apara prayogaḥ
  2. temple pratiṣthā procedures for each devatā -- ganeśaḥ, śivaḥ, devī, subrahmaṇyaḥ 
  3. utsavas -- pavitrotsava vidḥīḥ, mahotsava vidhiḥ, dvajārohaṇa vidhiḥ, prāyaścitta vidhiḥ, 

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